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Board Member Elections This Fall (Posted: Jul. 2, 2021) Pinned Post

Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association
PO Box 1033, Williams AZ 86046 /

July 2, 2021

To: Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners

Subject: Board Member Elections This Fall

Every fall prior to our annual meeting, Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 property owners can elect new board members that will serve one year terms. If you or another HMRP3 property owner would like to be put on the election ballot, please contact Kathy via email   with your name, telephone number & brief bio no later than August 1st.

According to Section 1 of the HMRP3 bylaws, "Directors are to reside in the State of Arizona and physically attend board meetings under normal circumstances."

Thank you for your interest,

Board of Directors
Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association.

Illegal Dumping and What To Do (Posted: Jul. 1, 2021)

Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association
PO Box 1033, Williams AZ 86046 /

July 1, 2021

To: Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners

Subject: Illegal Dumping

The illegal dumping falls in both Community Development and Environmental Health. You can file a complaint here with Community Development by calling: 928-679-8856. Please contact the County's Health and Human Services-Environmental Health to make a complaint. Their contact is 928-679-8750. If you can please take pictures and document using a narrative so that you can file a complaint would be helpful.


Board of Directors
Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association.

All Roadwork Has Been Postphoned Due To Fire Hazard (Posted: Jun. 22, 2021)

Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association
PO Box 1033, Williams AZ 86046 /

June 22, 2021

To: Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners

Subject: Road Work

This notice is to inform you that after consulting with our road contractor, all road work has been postponed due to fire danger. Due to the fact that while using grading equipment, there is the possibility that a rock can create a spark that, in turn, can create a wildfire. We completely understand that our roads need attention. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you. Please do understand that we do not want to risk a fire breaking out while taking care of our roads, especially when we could have a difficult time getting water to help put out any said fire. Full forest closure for Coconino County and Kaibab National Forest is to begin on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Local water haulers have been contracted to give aid to the 10 plus fires that are in the surrounding area.

Your patience is appreciated while we wait until sufficient precipitation is received that will reduce the risk of a wildfire, and the hot and dry weather conditions are no longer in the forecast. Stay Safe!


Board of Directors
Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owners Association.

POA In Opposition To Mining Operation. Requests Property Owner Feedback (Posted: May. 2, 2021)

Dear HMR Community,

Neighbors just found out that there is going to be mining on the North end of HMR located at mile marker 204 by the metal building. As far as we can tell there was no communication on this happening. We appreciate your emails and concerns, below is what we have sent and to whom. We encourage you do to the same.

Thank you
Your Board of Directors.

From: "President" <>
Date: Sun, May 2, 2021 7:33 pm
Subject: Howard Mesa Ranch area- Blasting new gravel pit- URGENT attention needed!


Howard Mesa Ranch, Phase Three, Property Owners Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 1033, Williams, AZ 86046

Coconino County Planning & Zoning Commission
219 East Cherry Ave.
Flagstaff AZ 86001

ATT: Jess McNeely

CC: Stodghill & Sons Mining LLC, Property owner – PO Box 72664, Phoenix, AZ 85050
CC: Matt Ryan,
CC: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality-
CC: AZ Forest Service-
CC: AZ State Land-
CC: Sheriff Office
CC: John Moore- Mayor of Williams

SUBJECT – Statement/Reason in Opposition to Mining on Parcel 503-13-014

May 2, 2021

Members of Howard Mesa Ranch, Phase Three, Property Owners Association, Inc, (“HMR” herein), over 165 properties, taxpayers and VOTERS hereby tenders absolute opposition to the mining that is scheduled to take place with drilling on parcel number 503-13-014 for the following reasons:

First and foremost, no-one in the association, nor the neighbors of parcel number 503-13-014 next to the metal building were ever notified on the intentions that Stodghill & Sons Mining LLC have for mining this property. If their intentions are to mine for asphalt are true, at this time we Howard Mesa Phase 3 Association Board of Directors hereby Oppose this. Some neighbors noticed the mining equipment and reached out to people on the parcel to ask what they are doing and were told they will be mining for asphalt base. According to Coconino Counties website on this date, this property does not have a permit for such activity. The property North of the building parcel 503-13-014 is vacant, to the East there is undeveloped state land with Homesteads in-between, to the South there is Homesteads to the West is Highway 64 and Howard Mesa Phase 1 & 2 land. This land is not state land it is residential.

HMR has continued growth of full-time residents and home building continue to increase. This is to be expected with national events to support growth such as jobs in our area. Residents of HMR have bought property based on their own due diligence and presumption that some sort of compliance of land use would continue by Coconino County. Allowing mining to happen radically effects property values and the use and enjoyment of the properties of all HMR residence not to mention it would increase traffic, road dilution, create pollution, and trash that would blow offsite.

With respect and consideration of adjacent property owners, and all HMR property owners and their property values, compliance and the spirit and letter of zoning laws: This should not be taking place in our rural residential neighborhood. Please respond to what can be done to stop mining from happening near our rural residential neighborhood.

On Behalf of our Community,
Howard Mesa Loop Board of Directors

Lisa Bettencourt, President and Director
Kathy Buckman-Polk, Vice President and Director
Eli Chamberlain, Director
Stacie Shultz, Secretary and Director

In Search of POA Board Directors (Posted: Aug. 13, 2020)

Howard Mesa Phase 3 is in search of Board members.

If you are interested in running to be on the Board of Directors for the 2021 term, please contact your POA by August 25. 2020 at the following email address:

POA Meeting Minutes For 2020 (and going forward) Are Now Available In PDF Format (Posted: June. 4, 2020)

Starting in 2020, all POA meeting minutes will be posted as a PDF file under the POA_Minutes folder on the Document Manager page on this web site. That should make it easier to find and read meeting minutes without needing to scroll down through this Bulletin Board page.

Citizen's Neighborhood Crime Watch and Patrol (Posted: May. 5, 2020)

In our last annual POA meeting on October of 2019, it was called to the POA's attention that a home in our community was burglarized while the home owner was away.

To be proactive with this issue, Howard Mesa Phase 3 POA is organizing a neighborhood crime watch and patrol program. Additionally, the Coconino Sherif Department has stepped up their patrols inside our community at the POA's request. Thus, you may see a Sheriff's pickup truck occasionally patrolling the roads in our community.

As a director on the board of the POA, I have taken responsibility to organize our crime watch and patrol program. As of this writing we are now officially recognized by the Sheriff's Department as having a crime watch and patrol program and are being assisted by the Sheriff's Department in getting it organized and operational.

You will soon see Neighborhood Watch signs being placed in conspicuous locations in the community and, as soon as I can organize some volunteers, you will periodically see a vehicle with a neighborhood watch emblem on it patrolling our community.

It is important to make it clear what our neighborhood watch and patrol is and isn't.

An effective neighborhood watch is neighbor looking after neighbor. If you see any suspicious activities in the neighborhood, please immediately call 911 and report it to the sheriff. Likewise, if any crime is committed against you or your property, first call 911 and report it to the sheriff. Then, when you have an opportunity, use the contact form below, select "Neighborhood Watch" and send us a note so that we can step up patrols on your road and surrounding properties. Be sure to let us know how to contact you.

Our neighborhood patrol is conducted by volunteers who are property owners in our community. The purpose of the patrol is to create a presence and watch for any activities inside our community that may appear to be crime related. We do not investigate crime nor do we confront anyone suspected of committing a crime while on our patrols. Like you, if we see something suspicious, we will call 911 and report it to the sheriff. In short, we are not the community police nor do we represent the Sheriff's Department. We are simply members of the community keeping an eye out for our valued neighbors.

If you would like to volunteer for the neighborhood patrol, please contact me (Lyle Hancock) using the contact form below. Select "Neighborhood Watch" and send me a note with information as to how I may contact you and arrange to meet with you. As a full time resident of our community, I will truly appreciate any interest you may have in getting involved.

HOA Board Meeting Minutes - from Monday, November 11, 2019 Meeting (Posted: Jan. 29, 2020)

Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3
HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 11, 2019

Board Officer Members:
• President - Jeff Kleist-Director
• Vice President - Lisa Bettencourt
• Treasurer - Kathy Buckman-Polk
• Secretary - Toni Rogers
Board Director Members:
• Eli Chamberlain
• Dave Figone
• Lyle Hancock
• Jeff Kleist
• Toni Rogers
  1. Attendance:
    1. Jeff Kleist
    2. Lisa Bettencourt
    3. Kathy Buckman-Polk
    4. Toni Rogers
    5. Eli Chamberlain
    6. Dave Figone
    7. Lyle Hancock
    8. Absent: 0

  2. Old Business- Violations, Past dues, Etc. Closed Session

  3. Secretary- Communication: Toni
    1. Discussion on communication between board members
    2. Respectfully treating one another

  4. Treasurer- Financials: Kathy
    1. Banking: Account Balance $ 22,000.00, Savings Balance $7,996.27
    2. Outstanding Past Dues Balance $ 77, 000.00
    3. How much did we spend on roads (blading, cinders and culverts to date? $36,433.38
    4. How much did we spend total 2019 - $52,086.19 (roads, office products, fire rescue, street signs etc.)
    5. Other Reimbursements needed? Lisa for mailboxes, amount $166.44
    6. To Do: Kathy and Toni to go over the year financials etc.

  5. Vice President- Mailboxes: Lisa
    1. On schedule with post office 12/1/19 start new location for deliveries
    2. Sent letters to all members who have stand-alone mailboxes- remove by 11/15/19
    3. Contacted HMR 1,2 and 4 Hills to remove the stand-alone
    4. Changed locks around for all we have keys for and numbered the first set of boxes
    5. Purchased a lock box for all keys
    6. Discuss open session for all members of association to attend. Transparency /Accountability
    7. To Do: Ask 1, 2, 4 if we can get owner permission to remove their mailboxes
    8. To Do: Will ask mail carrier about delivering mail by the power lines- any in #3?
    9. To Do: Will schedule next meeting at the fire department
    10. To Do: Draft Non- Disclosure (Confidentiality for board members)

  6. Director- Roads: Dave
    1. Discuss the purchase of property in the future
    2. To Do: Meet with Wild West Excavating for quote on replacing the previous business who took care of the roads. Specifics discussed: 12k a year, grade and cinders 1 x per month. Will provide an update, written quote next meeting (January)

  7. Director- Website: Lyle
    1. To Do: Update board members and typos
    2. To Do: Research guidelines etc. for Neighborhood Watch or Citizen Patrol

  8. Director- HMR Sign: Jeff
    1. To Do: Research the main entrance sign- $500 Deposit has been paid to Nathan Coldwell, $1,200 due at completion. Potential second sign in 2020
    2. To Do: Post street signs

  9. Director- Eli
    1. To Do: research local management companies

  10. Comments and Announcements:
    1. Jeff asked Lisa to take over as President, effective immediately
    2. Toni nominates Kathy as Vice President

  11. Outstanding Topics: Clarify Board Responsibilities

  12. Adjourn : 6:30 PM

  13. Next Meeting : January 13, 2020 @4:00 PM

The Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 ~ 2020 New Year Newsletter (Letter from the POA President) (Posted: Jan. 22, 2020)

Letter from The Property Owners Association President

Hello Neighbor,

On behalf of the new Property Owners Association board, I would like to extend warm greetings to all of the residents of Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3! We are excited for the new year and are looking forward to continuing the efforts to improve our community.

Your new Officers are:
Lisa Bettencourt-President
Kathy Buckman-Polk- Vice President/Treasurer
Toni Rogers- Secretary

Your new Directors are:
Eli Chamberlain-Director
Dave Figone-Director
Lyle Hancock-Director
Jeff Kleist-Director
Toni Rogers-Director

We are dedicated to the roles entrusted to us. As members of the new board, we are working to improve communication and continuing the projects from the previous board. Each member brings new ideas and goals for the board and community, but we also welcome any additional feedback that you have.

We will be holding monthly board meetings and you “the members” are welcome to attend. You can find the information on our website ( such as the dates, times, and location of all the meetings, as well as the meeting minutes. If you should have any questions, please email us through the website.

Our annual meeting will be held on Saturday, October 17th from 9am-12pm at the High Country Fire and Rescue located at 6593 High Country Lane, Williams AZ 86046. I look forward to face-to-face meetings.

- Lisa Bettencourt, President

Add the Annual POA Meeting to my Calendar

Instructions for calling 911 (Posted: Dec. 4, 2019)

The POA would like to remind our community that we have contracted High Country Fire Rescue to serve our community with fire and ambulance services.

Depending upon if you are making a 911 call from a land line phone or cellular phone, your 911 call may be routed to Williams, Flagstaff or even Phoenix. When the 911 center answers your call, request to be routed to High Country Fire Rescue. You will be immediately transferred to High Country Fire Rescue who will then tend to your emergency needs.

See the related story, Fire and Emergency Services Contracted

Individual Mailboxes To Be Removed (Posted: Nov. 6, 2019)

This is a friendly reminder that all individual mailboxes will no longer receive mail after November 15, 2019. Also all individual mailboxes must be removed no later than December 1st.

If you have not yet made arrangements move your mail deliverey to one of the keyed boxes, please contact us using the contact form below. Let us know your name, contact information, and you mailing address. We'll get a keyed box assigned to you.

Notice of Annual Meeting and Ballots Were Mailed (Posted: Aug. 31, 2019)

Did you receive a notice of our 2019 annual meeting (October 19) and the ballot for voting for our association Board of Directors? Notices were mailed out in August. If you didn’t receive one, please fill out the form at the bottom of the web site. Please include your lot number if possible.

Have an address change? Submit address changes by using the form at the bottom of the page. Please include your lot number if possible.

Fire and Emergency Services Contracted (Posted: Jul. 13, 2019)

The Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Property Owner Association is pleased to announce to the community that we have contracted with High Country Fire Rescue for fire and emergency services. These service will cover all properties within the HMR Phase 3 area.

Fire Chief, Robert Trotter, will give a presentation to property owners at our Saturday, October 19th annual meeting at 9:30 am. Our meeting will be held at the High Country Fire House. Lunch and refreshments will be served.


HMR Phase 3 Newsletter (June 2019) (Posted: Jun. 20, 2019)

New Website for HMR Phase 3

We have a website for Howard Mesa Ranch Has 3. It is It has the CC&Rs (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and by-laws that you are able to download/view.

All new information regarding HMR POA will be posted on our new website. Please take a look at it and if you have any suggestions, please let us know via the comment section on the website. Hope you enjoy it.

Speed Limit 25MPH

We have speed limits on all of our roads and some signs have been put up. Please follow the speed limit because it helps preserve our roads.

Save the Date

Our Annual POA Meeting is the Third Saturday in October, which is October 19, 2019. The time and place will be posted on the website once it has been finalized. It is usually in the morning.


The cluster of mailboxes are owned and managed by the separate POAs. There will be changes to our mailbox setup. We are working with the two other POAs to move their mailboxes to the West side of Hwy. 64 so that only HMR Phase 3 will have mailboxes on the East side. This means that we will no longer have the individual mailboxes next to the cluster of mailboxes. More information to follow.


We are looking for anyone interested in becoming a board member/officer or join any of our committees. These are all volunteer positions. Committees are: Welcoming, Roads & Construction (for conveying information only). If you are hard working and can follow through on tasks, please let us know through the website before August 1, 2019 if you want to be a volunteer. We are planning on having Board elections or before the next annual meeting.


The following is the most common concern the the Board has been made of this year. HMR Phase 3 is for Single Family Residential and Recreational use only. No one can reside on your property for more than three (3) consecutive months in a travel trailer or recreational vehicle during the calendar year unless the occupant has been issued a building permit. A site built structure or manufactured home not older than five (5) years old may be brought onto a Parcel for residential purposes only. All must have Coconino County building permits. Please see the CC&RsSection 5A, B and C for clarification.


We will be collecting email addresses from all members that would like us to contact them electronically. Feel free to send us your email address using our website.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!

The Howard Mesa Ranch Phase 3 Board:
Carolyn Grossman, Lyle Hancock, Jeff Kleist, Dave Remender and Toni Rogers

Gerry Hill, Kathy Buckman-Polk, Toni Rogers

Update: Spring Road and Drainage Improvements (Posted: Apr. 17, 2019)

With the winter snows over and good spring weather to work the ground, the POA has undertaken a program to put in culverts to improve drainage and property access. This is part of our new proactive common road improvement and maintenance program. These improvements are being accomplished within our annual 2019 budget and will not result in increases in POA dues.

New Proactive Program to Maintain Community Roads (Pinned Post - Posted: Jan. 24, 2019)

You may have noticed that the Property Owners Association has taken steps to improve the quality of the main roads in our community. We have set up a proactive schedule of regular maintenance. Maintenance will include proper grading of the roads, maintenance of drainage, and adding cinder where and when needed. Our commitment is to keep our roads well maintained for all members of the community.

We are pleased to mention that we negotiated very favorable contracts with local reputable contractors for scheduled road maintenance. Thus, there will be no increase in annual POA property assessments to support the improvements. Your POA dues will remain the same.

May we ask your commitment to helping us keep the roads well maintained? Driving at high speeds, hard braking, hard cornering, and fast acceleration is the main cause of washboarding of our community roads. Please keep your speeds to 25 Mph or less and try to avoid hard braking, hard cornering, and fast accelerations. Just those simple things will minimize washboarding to a significant degree and reduce the cost of road maintenance.

Thank you for your commitment,
Property Owners Association, Phase 3 Officers and Board members